What is the climate in Saipan?
Saipan is close to the equator, and the climate in Saipan is always warm and humid. The average temperature is always near 83 degrees F, and the average humidity is 82%. There is a wet season from July through November. The dry season is from December through June.

What Clothing Should I Bring?
Because of the tropical climate, warm weather clothing is advised. Even in the evenings, the weather is warm and you will not need a jacket or sweater. Be sure to bring shorts and sandals, and wear plenty of sunscreen when you are out enjoying the island.

Is Saipan part of the United States?
Yes, Saipan is the capital of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, which is part of the U.S. The document describing the relationship between the U.S. and the Northern Mariana Islands is called the Covenant. The U.S. federal government controls immigration, but the Commonwealth enjoys significantly more autonomy than a State.

What are the visa entry requirements needed to visit Saipan?
Entry to Saipan is controlled by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). For up to date entry requirements, visit www.uscis.gov.

What currency is accepted in Saipan?
The U.S. dollar is the only form of currency accepted in Saipan. Banks and ATM machines are widely available.

What languages are spoken in Saipan?
English is the primary language in Saipan. The local population speaks Chamorro and Carolinian. You will also find populations of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian Filipino and Thai. Most of the major hotels will have staff members who can communicate in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian.

What airlines fly to Saipan?
Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Asiana Airlines

Are car rentals available in Saipan?
Yes, you can rent cars, motorcycles, and scooters from several different companies near the airport or around the island. Taxi service is also available.

Is public transportation available in Saipan?
Taxi service is available, though there is no bus system.

Are there any health risks when travelling to Saipan?
Saipan is a healthy and safe place to visit. There are no general health warnings to issue, but you should always check with your immunization clinic for up to date information before travelling anywhere. Saipan does have a hospital and several health clinics and pharmacies. There are no poisonous snakes or spiders on the island, though it is possible to encounter bees if you are hiking through the jungle.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Saipan?
No, but bottled water is readily available, and some of the hotels do provide water that is safe to drink from the tap.

What electricity usage is available in Saipan?
The usage is single phase 60 cycles, 110/220 volts AC.

Can I rent scuba gear in Saipan?
Yes, there are many dive shops that rent everything you need for diving.

When is fishing season in Saipan?
Fishing is a year round sport in Saipan. People do deep sea fishing, sport fishing and trolling. It is possible to catch Marlin, tuna, mahi mahi, barracuda, and much, much more.

When do the flame trees bloom in Saipan?
The flame trees are blooming between April and June.

Is internet available in Saipan?
Yes, most of the hotels provide high-speed internet access. MCV Cable and IT&E both sell high speed internet service to residents. IT&E is faster, though it is not as fast as internet service in the U.S., Japan, China, Korea, or other major countries.

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  1. Hi:

    Me and my friends will be staying in the Grand Saipan 24-28 of this month. Do you have any suggestion that where we can do some deep sea fishing during our stay? Many thx!

  2. Hi Leslie, the local charter boat companies are listed on our Saipan Fishing page. I’ve used Pelley Boat tours before and had fun. Call them at 1 (670) 322-7676. It’s marlin season right now so good luck!

  3. am a citizen of Nigeria and I would love to come spent some time in Saipan. are there any special requirements in regard to my Nationality or getting my visa?

  4. I live on SSI in America and me and my retired husband Army he is E- 6 , can we live better than we have in USA America state side, and what size area wise in miles is the island ??? Is there still plenty of sewing factory’s on the island !!! Looks like a beautiful place too LIVE !!! Our main thing is how is the doctors and medical care on the island ??? And is it has hard as it seems to get our pet there small dogs 2 about 5 pounds each??? Looking too retire and live on this island !!! Thanks so much !!! any and all info would be great !!!

    • I brought a dog and it was kind of a hassle. He had to be in quarantine for about 6 weeks, but there are ways around that . You can check with the Dr. Tudor from Paradise Animal Hospital about the requirements 670-234-9669. There is a hospital (for people) on island, but it’s underfunded and mismanaged, which causes a lot of problems. If you have any major health issues, I would advise to seek healthcare off-island. There are also a few medical clinics. You might check out Dr. Ada or Marianas Medical (Dr. Stearns).

  5. Want to be on the island in June 2019. Will there be an observance of the 1944 US invasion? If so, how do I find out more about it? Very important to me.


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