Forbidden Island

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May 302011

A trek to Forbidden Island is a must if you’re going to visit Saipan, and is a perfect day hike. Park your car at the trail head in the village of Kagman and hike down the steep trail until you emerge from the trees for a spectacular view of Forbidden Island and the crashing waves. Once you make it all the way down the trail and reach the island, there are several tide pools that are perfect for snorkling or just cooling down in the water. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can find “Hidden Forbidden,” a small cave with its own secluded tide pool. Be careful of the strong currents when enjoying the water and bring athletic shoes for climbing over rocks on your way down.

Photo by NOAA, available under Creative Commons Generic 2.0 license

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  1. The trail from the cliffline down to the beach can be hazardous, especially when the trail is wet. There are sectons over smooth rocks that are slippery when wet, and also slippery when dry due to lose sand on the surface. Some ropes have been placed along the trail to where the trail is steep. Hiking shoes are a must. Smooth bottom shoes can be extremely dangerous on this trail.

    The trip down takes about 20 minutes. For the physically fit, the assent back up is about the same. Those who are not in top condition will need to rest and it may take twice as long.

    Under no circumstances should anyone enter the water without a local guide. There are a number of pools and places where swimning looks inviting, but this area is exposed to the open ocean and sudden, unexpected large swells can suddenly flush these pools and wash swimmers over the rocks and out to sea.

    Hiking below the cliff can be dangerous where overhangs can drop rocks that are set in easily erroded sand and soil media.

    This is a beautiful place and idea for picnics and photography.


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