Saipan Hash

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May 312011

The hash harriers—a “drinking club with a running problem”—was originally founded in 1938 in Kuala Lumpar. There are over 1,957 hash groups around the world in 1,274 cities.

The idea is to run through the jungle chasing a person known as the “hare”. The hare is selected weeks before to “set a trail” meaning he/she is responsible for cutting a path in the jungle in advance of the hash. The location of the trail and the final destination is kept secret from the rest of the group. On hash day, members meet up at a predetermined location chosen by the hare. The hare is given a ten-minute head start and then it’s a free for all. In order to track the hare, he is required to drop flour intermittently, every 20 yards or so.

Fortunately, a few brave souls had the brilliant idea to start a local hash club in Saipan. Members have come and gone but the club has consistently met every Saturday (with few exceptions) since its founding in 1984. One of the original founders looks strikingly similar to John Locke in the tv show “Lost”.

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