Godfather’s Bar
Godfather’s is the unspoken town hall of Saipan. On any given night, you will run into senators, tourists, locals, expat lawyers, Navy guys, and everyone in between. There is live music every weekend by some of the best cover bands on earth, and a host of cute filipina waitresses who make a point of knowing everyone by name. The food is fairly decent, including nachos, burritos, hot wings, etc.

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Johnny’s Bar
Johnny’s is next door to Godfather’s, along Beach Road. It has a nice outdoor deck, perfect for meeting up with friends to start out the night. They have basic bar food available, and plenty of bar games inside such as pool, darts, and shuffleboard. They occasionally have live music, but most nights you can choose what you want to hear from the jukebox.

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Joe’s Bar
Located across from the Fiesta Resort, this bar was formerly called Remignton’s, but is now under new ownership. There is a modern clean atmosphere, drinks are good, and there is a pool table.

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GIG, Saipan GIG Nightclub
This bar is shaped like a giant Egyptian pyramid, with large sphyxes guarding the main entrance. The dancefloor is in the center of the bar, and the DJs play popular hip-hop and house music. There are tables scattered throughout the bar and outdoor seating when it’s too loud inside. The club is centrally located in Garapan.

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The Flair, Saipan The Flair
The Flair is another popular dance club that plays hip-hop and house music most nights. Friday night is usually the best night to go dancing, as crowds are thinner on Saturdays. The Flair also has juggling bar tenders and drinks that light on fire. Try the “Flair.”

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Dionysis Karaoke, Saipan Dionysis
This karaoke bar is located in the heart of Garapan, across the street from Godfather’s Bar. Karaoke songs are played on monitors and amplified throughout the bar.

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Boss Karaoke, Saipan Boss Karaoke
Boss Karaoke is located in the southern part of the island, in the village of San Antonio, near the Pacific Island Club resort. Boss has private rooms lined with sofas, and big video karaoke monitors – a great place for private parties.

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B Bank Karaoke, Saipan B Bank
B Bank is sort of a dive bar, but it’s centrally located in Garapan and can be fun for groups. Karaoke videos are played on TV monitors and the songs are amplified throughout the bar.

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