Jun 012013

Saipan Running TrailsLooking for a great run in Saipan? If you want to do a nice 10 mile nature run with great views and end up back at your car, this is a nice loop. Be sure to bring your own water as there are no stores along this route. Also, the best time to run this loop is early in the morning before the sun gets too hot.


Start at the Marianas Resort/Marpi Swimming Pool. To get there, head North out of Garapan on Chalan Pale Arnold road. When you see Marianas Resort on your left, pull over to park your car on the grass on the right side of the road. The Marpi swimming pool will be on your right on the hill.

The run begins by heading North on Chalan Pale Arnold road.
You will run past the Banzai Cliff turnoff (Banzai Cliff Road), past the Grotto turnoff (Unai Laggua Dr.), towards Bird Island lookout.
Once you pass Bird Island lookout, the road will become dirt (Chalan Kalabera). You will run past Kalabera Cave on your right, and start heading uphill past several cow and pig farms, and past the DPS Shooting range on your right. This is a beatiful dirt road through the Saipan jungle, with some challenging uphills.

Once you get to the top of the hill, you will see a house on your left and the road (Chalan Matuis) will become paved. Continue down Chalan Matuis until you see a big blue water tower on your right.

Take a right by the big blue water tower uphill for about 50 years, then left on a dirt road (Binadue Drive). You follow Binadu Drive all the way back down to your car at the Marianas Resort/Marpi Pool.

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